Grade Range Name Of CCA Teacher Name Location
Grade 1,Grade 2,Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5,Grade 6,Grade 7,Grade 8 Advanced Golf Private CCA Provider: JG Golf HIS Golf Area

Want to learn how to play Golf?

Friday classes are intended for golfers with some prior experience and will be delivered in Mandarin.

This CCA is delivered by JG Golf  Academy senior certified coaches who are certified by the China Golf Association. Students will learn all of the skills/shots used in Golf.  All equipment is provided. Students will practice at a purpose-built golf training area at HIS. Each coach will assist a maximum of 6 students.

This activity is provided by a private company endorsed by HIS and all payments are made directly to the CCA provider. Cost for each 60-minute session is 300RMB.

Grade 1,Grade 2,Kindergarten Arts and Crafts Ms. Andrea Shen F205

In this class, students will have fun doing the crafts they are interested in, which will help them develop their fine motor skills and encourages self expression.

Grade 1,Grade 2,Kindergarten Play and Show Ms. Zoe Qin F206

Children can share their most favorite stories or movies together, and then set up their own story, including stage design, property, lines and so on. We are aim to explore the interest and capacity of put on a show.

Grade 1,Kindergarten Mini Chefs Ms. Lisa Bistretzan, Ms. Sarah Scanzoni, Ms. Yanni Liu C003

In Mini Chefs students will learn important life skills. They will learn how to prepare nutritious snacks, such as mini pizzas, smoothies, homemade ice cream, fruit skewers, pasta, sandwiches, etc. Best of all, they will enjoy eating their creations!

Grade 10,Grade 11,Grade 12,Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5,Grade 6,Grade 7,Grade 8,Grade 9 Chess Club Ms. Louise Zhu & Ms. Amy Yi C204

Chess (guó jì xiàng qí) is one of the world's most popular games! It is a recreational and competitive game played between two players. Come join us and you will see how fun and challenge it is. If you do, you will probably beat your parents too!(warm reminder:This is not Chinese chess)

Grade 10,Grade 11,Grade 6,Grade 7,Grade 8,Grade 9 Mathematics Club Mr. Simon Lamplugh A301

This CCA encourages interest in and awareness of the power of mathematics. Students will participate in maths competitions where they will solve stimulating mathematics problems individually and in groups.

Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5 Creative with Clay Ms. Anita Fryer F103

Air dry clay design is good for beginners who do not have access to a kiln. It feels like throwing ceramic pottery clay although it behaves a little differently. Creating with clay promotes imaginative problem-solving skills and develops coordination. 3D thinking and creation contributes to children's intellectual capacity. There are also now some sculptors doing beautiful work with air dry clay.

Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5 Let's Illustrate Ms. Clare Bodfish B107

Dive into the wonderful world of picture books to explore the amazing work of different illustrators and create your own art!

Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5 Soccer Stars of the Future (3-5) Mr. Michael Bosley, Ms Beatriz Lopez, Mr. Paul Edwards Small Field

Students will learn the fundamental skills of Soccer - Passing, Receiving, and Dribbling. This will be done in an active and game-focussed way which will keep the children moving and learning as they play.

Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5 Stop Motion Animation Ms. Patricia Shomo B206

The students will learn various stop motion and film editing techniques to use in the creation of their own short films.  Although not necessary, students are welcome to bring their own iPads or cameras.

Grade 5,Grade 6,Grade 7 Friday Sports and Activities Club Mr. John Willoughby Large Field / Small Field / Gymnasium

At the end of a school week, this is an opportunity for students to be active and have fun playing a variety of sports. These will change regularly during the 10-week CCA and will include Basketball, Touch Rugby, Capture the Flag, Cricket, Frisbee, Table Tennis, and Badminton. Students can join with their friends and play each Friday afternoon before they start the weekend. 

Grade 6,Grade 7,Grade 8 Art Club Ms. Rhiannon Johnson US Art Room

Enjoy fun new ways of drawing! We'll use different kinds of materials and color. Improve your drawing  skills and try new media.